Endermologie® Alliance LPG

Endermologie® is an innovative, 100% natural, non-invasive method consisting of mechanical stimulation of the skin that stimulates metabolism of the cell. Thanks to the use of the new patent, a client can feel an increased comfort during the treatment, and the massaged skin, in a completely painless way, is stimulated on three levels.


One treatment – Triple action

On the body/ Endermologie®

  • Local reduction of body fat/li>
  • Smoothing cellulite
  • Firming of skin

On face / Endermolift

It naturally stimulates reconstructing and producing of the three most important structural elements of the skin:
  • collagen - firmness
  • elastins - elasticity
  • hyaluronic acid - a natural filling and skin moisturizing

Treatments Endermologies body shaping

The treatment includes a precise, mechanical vacuum massage, which strongly influence both the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Due to modern technology, it intensively stimulates the skin, which considerably improves its firmness, tension and elasticity, as well as metabolism to fight the fat tissue. The treatment, preceded by the consultation of our specialist, is conducted in a special LPG suit that ensures safety and hygiene.

Facial treatment Endermolift

Endermolift treatments are simply brightening, thickening and firming the skin. During the procedure, micro-impulses go to the skin surface and reach the deeper layers of the epidermis to stimulate the action of fibroblasts. As a result, the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is increased. This enhances the tension and elasticity. The effect is visible after the first treatment, that is why it is recommended before an important event, as a banquet treatment.

Endermologie® facial and body treatments can be successfully mixed with other treatments, such as needle mesotherapy or laser medicine, in order to increase their effectiveness. Combined therapies allow for achieving much better results, as well as minimizing the side effects such as swelling or bruising.

  • body shaping and slimming
  • reducing cellulite
  • improving skin firmness
  • reducing excessive fat
  • anti-edema and analgesic effects
  • reducing excess water in the body
  • improving skin firmness
  • reducing mimic wrinkles
  • reducing under the eyes swelling
  • improving elasticity and overall condition of skin
  • inflammations
  • infections
  • active tumors
  • using anticoagulants
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • blood diseases
  • phlebitis
  • albinism
  • smoothing wrinkles - 87%
  • improving the skin firmness - 70%
  • reducing cellulite - 62%
  • skin lightening - x2
  • reducing waist circumference - 5.2 cm
  • following the healthy nutrition principles
  • maintaining a right level of hydration (about 2l of liquids a day)
  • moderate physical activity
  • using home care to maintain effects of the treatment

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