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You don’t have to invest money in expensive equipment for treatment.

Select the treatment for the needs of your client and we will provide you with the equipment you need.



At ENBOINT, we support doctors and specialists by offering them short-term rentals of modern equipment for conducting aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments.

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Thanks to our support, you don’t have to invest money in expensive equipment to provide patients with the most advanced solutions. Here are some examples of devices that you can rent from us on a flexible basis:

Harmony XL PRO

Harmony XL PRO device is a new generation laser platform. It enables you to combine many laser technologies at the same time, as well as to use ultrasound and infrared. It has over 60 indications confirmed by FDA certificate and allows you to adapt a holistic approach to the patient and perform facial or body treatment therapy suited to a patient’s needs.

Endermologie® Alliance LPG

The device was recognized as the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology of 2017. Various heads and a sensor for modern skin identification allows you to perfectly match the procedure to the characteristics of the patient. The tablet synchronized with the equipment enables conducting diagnosis, preparing treatment protocols and creating a treatment plan.


ClearLift is a laser of a high-power Q-Switch Nd: YAG 1064 nm and 532 nm, whose beam is provided in a fractional manner. ClearLift induces a photoacoustic effect in the tissue, thanks to which it is able to stimulate the cells mechanically, not thermally like other lasers. ClearLift's physical features allow deep tissue penetration, i.e. 2-3 mm, which positively influences its effectiveness. The laser beam precisely goes through the deep layers of the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Thanks to it, the patients can go back to their daily routine just after the treatment.


The innovative head for the Harmony XL PRO device uses the ablation technology to rejuvenate the skin, resurfacing or remove scars. It easily manages the results of photoaging, decrease in skin firmness and stretch marks. It provides high efficiency and safety of performed treatments.


Infrared light technology slowly and gradually introduces high temperature to the deep layers of the dermis and adipose tissue, which results in shortening and stimulation of the production of new collagen fibers and elastin. After such treatment the skin thickens and its elasticity enhances.


Dye VL emits the light in the 450-600 nm range, resulting in high absorption of melanin and oxyhemoglobin. This frequency includes the lengths of the most popular vascular lasers and allows to effectively remove vascular and pigmentation lesions located at various depths. Consistent impulse distribution raises the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, thanks to which the results of therapy are quickly visible.

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