Alma Harmony XL PRO


Skin aging is considered an inevitable and multifactorial process. With age, collagen and elastin fibers considerably decompose, and the level of hyaluronic acid found naturally in the skin is reduced. A number of changes caused by aging manifests with a dull, complexion with a loss of firmness, flexibility and the appearance of fine wrinkles and deep furrows. A perfect solution that helps fighting the existing problems and also protects the skin against aging in the future is a thermolifting treatment performed with a NIR (Near-Infrared) head, which uses infrared light technology. Due to the high temperature used, collagen fibers are shortened, new production is stimulated and elastin increases, which is visible in the thickening of the skin and improving its elasticity. The lifting conducted using iPixel and ClearLift heads involves mechanical and controlled damage to the skin, which causes the intentional formation of an inflammatory focus in order to initiate the healing process and rebuild the skin. Thanks to this method of treatment, new collagen fibers are created, making the skin tense, firm and the wrinkles become shallower.


Increased level of melanin in the skin and its uneven distribution causes the formation of pigmentation spots, the so-called discoloration. The main reasons that affect their appearance are: hormonal disorders, excessive exposure to UV radiation, inflammation and the physiological process of skin aging. In our offices, we offer procedures that reduce these changes by using different technologies. Thanks to the properly adjusted heads (iPixel Er: YAG, ClearLift or Q-Switch Nd-YAG), we can considerably improve the overall skin tone, reduce superficial and deep pigmentation changes, and further improve the treatment area.


The most popular skin problems that mainly young people face are stretch marks and acne, which after the inflammation is gone leaves acne scars. Treatments with the iPixel Er: YAG head are suitable for all skin phototypes and provide lasting results. The iPixel Er: YAG head, in a controlled manner, allows for damage of the columnar area of the epidermis and dermis. Damaged cells, in the natural healing process, are replaced by the new tissue that perfectly reduces scars and stretch marks.


The dilated vessels on the face (telangiectasias) and on the legs (venectlectases) are a popular problem concerning not only aesthetic but also health. They also include erythema that appears when we face strong emotions or atmospheric changes, which, if left untreated, can turn into permanent redness of the skin. The solution to these types of problems are treatments using ND: YAG laser, which, by acting on hemoglobin, causes coagulation and, consequently, an enlarged vessel. Similarly to the DYE VL head for removing superficial vascular lesions, the ND: YAG laser is also equipped with a cooling system, which makes the procedure very comfortable.

These are just 4 out of 65 applications of the Harmony XL Pro.

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  • Pregnancy
  • Fresh tan
  • Using photosensitizing drugs and herbs (retinoids, antidepressants, tetracyclines and St. John's wort, Calendula, Dandelion)
  • Cancer
  • Serious systemic diseases
  • Active infections
  • Alcohol consumption (24 hours before the treatment)
  • Tendency to develop keloids

following the recommendations of the person performing the procedure. Treatment recommendations depend on the type of head device used.


Multifunctionality of the device allows for achieving long-lasting effects. The results of Harmony XL Pro laser treatments are visible after the first treatment!

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