Welcome to the Enboint Website, a platform designated to conclude short-term rental agreements of the cabinets and specialized devices offered on the Website to the tenants, who are conducting business activity and providing services in the field of medical, therapeutical or cosmetic professions, including psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, dietitian, cosmetologist and other similar specializations.

Given Document specify the rules and conditions of provision by ENBOINT of the Services supplied electronically for Users of the ENBOINT Website.

I. Definitions

The following terms used with a capital letter for the purpose of these Document receive following meaning:

  1. „Enboint Website” or „Website” – website available at www.enboint.com, published by the ENBOINT for the purpose of provision of the Electronics Services for Users;
  2. „ENBOINT” or „Provider” – owner of the Website, who is Ewelina Timofijewicz-Waśniowska conducting business activity under business name „EWELINA TIMOFIJEWICZ-WAŚNIOWSKA ENBOINT” entered into Central Business Activity Register and Information (Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej) maintain by Minister in charge of the economy, executing under address: 8/2 Dwernickiego Street, 31-530 (ZIP CODE) Cracow, Poland, using a following NIP number (Tax Identification Number): 678-138-51-32 and also following REGON number (company ID): 384-178-677;
  3. „User” – a person, who is an Entrepreneur, using the Website;
  4. „Entrepreneur” – a person, who is an entrepreneur within the meaning of the article 43[1] of the Civil Code;
  5. „Premises” – a premises located at 8/2 Dwernickiego Street, 31-530 (ZIP CODE) Cracow, Poland, in which ENBOINT is providing the Enboint Services;
  6. „Rental Agreement” – concluded on the Website between User and the Provider an agreement for payable provision of the Enboint Services in the terms and conditions indicated in given Document and the General Rental Conditions;
  7. „General Rental Conditions” or „GRC”- general conditions and terms of provision of the Enboint Services, provided based on the Rental Agreement concluded on the Website, forming an attachment to this Document;
  8. „Enboint Services” – provided out of the Website Services by ENBOINT in Premises, described in details in the General Rental Conditions;
  9. „Order” – a declaration of Users’s intent, being an answer for the Provider’s invitation to placing offers, constituting an offer (in the meaning of the article 66 of the Civil Code) of purchase of provision by the Provider of the Enboint Services provided by time and at date indicated by the User in their offer;
  10. „Agreement” – an agreement concluded between User and the Provider for the provision of a specific Electronic Service;
  11. „Electronic Services” – services provided by ENBOINT to the User, supplied electronically within the meaning of the ŚUDE Act;
  12. „ŚUDE Act” – polish act of 18 July 2002 on provision of the services supplied electronically (polish Journal of Law: Dz. U. 2002 Nr 144, item 1204 with subsequent amendments);
  13. „Civil Code” – polish act of 23 April 1964 Code Civil (polish Journal of Law: Dz.U. 1964 Nr 16, item 93 with subsequent amendments);
  14. „Document” – this Terms and Conditions.
  1. ENBOINT provide to the Users Electronic Services via the Website on conditions indicated in this Document. In particular the Website serves to present and advertise the Enboint Services and also its Ordering through Electronic Services of the Website.
  2. Users’s usage of the Website and of the content placed on the Website requires comply with all applicable law, social norms, customs, decency, general rules for using the Internet (netiquette) and the provisions of this Document – including General Rental Conditions.
  3. Under no circumstances may the User conduct their behavior on the Website or by using the Website to violate the law – in particular commit acts of unfair competition, conduct business activities to which their are not authorized under Polish law, violate the legitimate interests or personal interests of the Provider or third parties, or engage in other behaviors that may constitute the basis for legal liability.
  4. The Electronic Services provided by ENBOINT on the Website are directed exclusively to Users conducting independent, professional business or professional activity, constituting entrepreneurs within the meaning of the article 43 [1] of the Civil Code (Entrepreneurs). All activities on the Website on behalf of the User may only be performed by persons duly authorized by the Entrepreneur. The Provider is entitled to take all actions within the law, including those that may cause reasonable costs, charged to the User, to determine the existence of the authorization of a person performing legal acts to act on behalf of the Entrepreneur. In particular, ENBOINT is entitled at any time to request the submission of relevant documents confirming the power of attorney or other form of authorization of actions, as well as the task of any other documents used to verify the identity of the person performing activities on behalf of the Entrepreneur or the proper Entrepreneur’s right to use the Electronic Services provided on the Website or the Enboint Services in the case of their Order by the Entrepreneur on the Website.
  5. The User is obliged to place only content on the Website, the use of which has full rights, and to use properly, i.e. in a way that does not infringe the law, the legitimate interests of the Provider, intellectual and industrial property rights or non-acts of unfair competition.
  6. The Provider is entitled to refuse provision of the Electronics- or Enboint- Services to the User who is an Entrepreneur, including in particular placing an Order and concluding a Rental Agreement without giving a reason.
  7. Using the Website by browsing its pages and ordering Electronics Services is possible under condition that the User uses an end device and an ICT system with the following minimum technical requirements:
    • device’s access to a wired or wireless connection to the Internet;
    • web browser installed on the device enabling calling and viewing HTML5 files on the device, in particular following web browser versions: Safari 5.1.7, Chrome 60, Firefox 73, Opera 12, Microsoft Edge 80 or higher; due to the lack of further development of the Internet Explorer browser from 2014, it is not recommended to use it to use the Website;
    • program for reading and saving PDF files;
    • access to an electronic mail box;
    • the Website’s cookies are not blocked.

The minimum screen width to which the Website is responsive (RWD) without losing the properties and functionality of the Website and its content is 360 px.

  1. ENBOINT through the Website’s infrastructure enables an usage of the offered on the Website Electronics Services i.e.:
    • free of charge Content Viewing Service;
    • paid Order Placement Service;
    • free of charge Newsletter Service;
    • free of charge Contact Form Services.
  2. The Provider provides fo the Users an ability to view content and materials posted on the Website under condition that does not violate the rules for using the Website (hereinafter: “Content Viewing Service”). The Agreement for the provision of the Content Viewing Service is concluded with the User at the time of opening or browsing the Website’s pages in the web browser and expires automatically by performing at the time of closing the Website’s pages.
  3. The Provider through the Website’s infrastructure provides an Electronic Service for the Entrepreneurs, consisting of enabling to submit to the Provider an Order for the ENBOINT Services (also hereinafter as: “Order Placement Service”). The Agreement for the provision of Order Placement Service is concluded with the User at the time of placing the Order using the order form available on the Website and expires (through execution) at the time of delivery of the Order to the Provider. Detailed terms and conditions of the provision of the Order Placement Service on the Website are indicated in point IV. of this Document.
  4. The Provider provides to the Users the Electronics Service consisting of sending an electronic messages containing ordered commercial information to the indicated User’s e-mail address (hereinafter as: „Newsletter Service”), referred to the ŚUDE Act. The Agreement for the provision of the Newsletter Service is concluded for undefined period at the time of User’s provision of the personal data required in the Newsletter form and their e-mail address and expires at the time of the unsubscription this Service. By concluding the Agreement for the provision of the Newsletter Service, the User agrees to send commercial information to the e-mail address provided. The Newsletter Service is provided only to Users who have ordered it.
  5. The Provider provides the Electronics Service consisting of sharing the contact form on the Website (hereinafter as: „Contact Form Service”). The Agreement for the provision of Contact Form Service is concluded with the User at the time of sending the message via contact form available on the Website and expires (through execution) at the time of delivery of the message to the Provider.
  1. The Provider on the Website presents informations about rendered (in the Premises), paid Enboint Services and enables the conclusion of the Rental Agreement through placing an Order on the Website (Order Placement Service).
  2. The Enboint Services presented on the Website rendered are out of the Website on the terms and conditions, particularly indicated in the General Rental Conditions (forming an attachment to this Document). In particular, the Order is payable to the Provider for performing the Enboint Services indicated in the Order.
  3. The content regarding the Enboint Services presented by the Provider on the Website constitutes a Provider’s invitation for Users to place Orders (offers) covering Enboint Services within the meaning of the article 71 of the Civil Code.
  4. The Users interested in providing the Enboint Services to them shall place an Order by completing the order form available on the Website, indicating in the Order all data marked as mandatory. Filling in and sending the order form constitutes an offer addresses to the Provider within the meaning of the article 66 of the Civil Code.
  5. By placing an Order, the User accepts that the Enboint Services indicated in the Order are provided on the terms and conditions of the General Rental Conditions, to which the User raises no objections.
  6. At the moment of submitting the Provider’s response accepting ooothe Order – in form of the electronic message sent via User’s e-mail address indicated in the Order – is concluded between the User and the Provider an Agreement for provision of the Enboint Services (the Rental Agreement).
  7. The prices presented on the Website constitute net amount, expressed in the polish currency. This prices express all elements, including fees – excluding VAT tax. All prices might change at any time, without notice.
  8. The User makes payment for the Order placed on the Website in the amount including all public and legal obligations (VAT). Payments are made using the electronic payment system integrated with the Website, subject to the provisions below. The electronic payment system operator may provide for additional terms of providing the payment service.
  9. The Provider may, under the conditions specified in the GRC, divide the charge for the Order into a part payable on the Website using the payment system referred to above, and into a part payable in the Premise using the payment by credit card, cash or other payment methods available in the Premise.
  10. The User is obliged to pay the charge for the Order payable on the Website within 24 hours from the moment the User places the Order on the Website.
  11. The Provider in accordance with the art. 488 of the Civil Code suspends the provision of the Enboint Services arising from Rental Agreements until the User pays the payment resulting from the Rental Agreement.
  12. If the payment for the Order is not met within the required time, after the unsuccessful additional call to pay a charge by the User, the Provider is entitled to withdraw from the Rental Agreement pursuant to the article 491 of the Civil Code.
  13. The Rental Agreement is concluded for a fixed period, indicated in the GRC.
  1. The Provider is liable to the User only on the principles set out in this Document and mandatory provisions of generally applicable Polish law.
  2. The Provider’s liability towards the User is entirely excluded, in the scope permitted by the provisions of Polish law. In particular, the Provider’s liability towards the User for damages (damnum emergens), lost profits (lucrum cessans) and warranty for defects is excluded. The Provider is not liable to the User, regardless of the reasons for this liability, including in particular regardless of force majeure, User’s intent, reasons beyond the control of the Provider and others.
  3. The Provider is not responsible in particular for: (a) technical problems related to the Website, including consisting in the inability to place an Order on the Website or the general lack of User’s access to the Website’s Electronics Services, regardless of the culpable or unreliable cause of these problems (b) User’s damages resulting from operation (or non-operation) of the Website or improper recording of data on the Website, including damages arising from the failure to perform or improper performance of the User’s obligations towards third parties, (c) lost profits.
  4. Force Majeure, for which the Provider is not responsible and will not be responsible, are unforeseeable or preventable by ordinary means, even with due diligence, extraordinary, external events and circumstances not attributable to the Provider, preventing the performance of the Provider’s obligations, in particular war, military, armed and cybernetic attacks, epidemic and pandemic states or threats, terrorist attacks, protests and strikes, including general, riots, natural disasters, hacker attacks.
  5. The Provider’s liability towards the User in the scope not excluded by the paragraphs above, is limited within scope allowed by law to the amount corresponding to twice of amount for placed on the Website Order by the User or to the amount of PLN 500 (in words: five hundred polish zlotys), depending on which of these amounts provides for the lower liability of the Provider.
  6. The User is solely responsible for the performance of obligations incurred on the Website or in connection with the Electronic Services provided on the Website or the Enboint Services, as well as for the content posted by the User on the Website, as well as for the content posted by the User on the Website. In particular, the User is responsible for the legality and correctness of services rendered as part of their business, appropriate education, experience and qualifications entitling their to provide to the third parties with the services their offers, personally or through employees, co-workers, contractors or other entities. The User is in particular liable to the Provider for any damage caused by violation of this Document’s Regulations, General Rental Conditions or universally applicable law, including the costs of bringing the User’s violation to an end, its consequences, as well as the costs of contractual penalties, damages, court and administrative proceedings and all other sanctions and inconveniences incurred as a result of the User’s action.
  7. The User, when third parties make any claims against the Provider, including in particular for breach of their rights as a result of performing contracts and obligations concluded with the User, including their improper performance, the User will take the case in place of the Provider, will proceed to the case as a secondary intervener or upon the first request of the Provider will reimburse all costs incurred by him in this respect.

Enboint collects and processes personal data in accordance with generally applicable law. The User has the right to update his data and consents expressed in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the Website pages.

  1. User may contact with the Provider using:
    • mail addressed to: ul. gen. Józefa Dwernickiego 8/2, 31-530 Kraków, Poland;
    • e-mail addressed to: info@enboint.com;
    • via phone number: + 48 886 547 919;
    • Contact Form Service.
  2. If Electronics Services on the Website are provided in a manner inconsistent with this Document and Appendix, and in particular inexperienced or rendered improperly, the User should immediately submit a complaint to the Provider via the means of communication indicated in paragraph 1.
  3. The complaint should contain at least the User’s identification data (in particular the NIP number and the company name where the User’s business activity is conducted), the User’s correspondence address, a description of the raised objections and the proposed way of resolving the complaint.
  4. The Provider recognizes complaints within 30 days. If the complaint cannot be processed by the indicated date, the Provider will inform the claimant about the date on which the complaint will be considered.
  5. If the complaint does not contain the information indicated in paragraph 3, the Provider will call the complainer to fill in these deficiencies, if identification of the complaining User will be possible on the basis of data provided in the complaint.
  6. The deadlines referred to above are counted from the date of the delivery of the complaint to the Provider.
  1. This Document and contained regulations have been drawn up in Polish and English. In case of incompatibilities between language versions, the Polish language version shall prevail. This Document is subject to generally applicable provisions of Polish law.
  2. These Regulations may change. Amendments to this Document will be presented on the main page of the Website, together with a list of introduced changes and their date of entry into force.
  3. All disputes arising from this Document will be resolved amicably, and in the event of entering the court the competent court will be court with jurisdiction over Enboint’s headquarter.
  4. If any valid provision of this Document is found invalid by a final court decision, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
  5. The User may not transfer the rights and obligations arising from the Agreement to third parties without the prior written consent of ENBOINT. The provisions of this Document bind all legal successors of the User in an unchanged form.
  6. The parties undertake to immediately notify any changes to the delivery addresses or other data, on pain of accepting delivery to the last delivery address indicated as effective.
  7. In matters not covered by these Regulations, applicable law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code, the Act on the provision of electronic services and the Act on copyright and related rights.



The Administrator of the Personal Data (hereinafter: „the Administrator” oraz „APD”) collected via the website www.enboint.com and processed is Ewelina Timofijewicz-Waśniowska conducting business activity under business name „EWELINA TIMOFIJEWICZ-WAŚNIOWSKA ENBOINT” entered into Central Business Activity Register and Information (Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej) maintain by Minister in charge of the economy, executing under address: 8/2 Dwernickiego Street, 31-530 (ZIP CODE) Cracow, Poland, using a following NIP number (Tax Identification Number): 678-138-51-32 and also following REGON number (company ID): 384-178-677;

In matters related to your Personal Data please contact the Personal Data Controller via the following contact details:

  • e-mail address: info@enboint.com;
  • phone: (+48) 886 547 919;
  • mail address: ul. gen. Józefa Dwernickiego 8/2, 31-530 Kraków;
  • contact form available under address: https://enboint.com/kontakt/.

Terms undefined below and capitalized shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions of Enboint Website. Terms capitalized shall have following meaning:

  • Personal Data – information about an identified or identifiable natural person, i.e. about a person who can be directly or indirectly identified through the information about that person, in particular such as name and surname, identification number, location data, internet identifier or one or several specific factors determining the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of this natural person;
  • Processing – an operation or set of various operations performed on Personal Data or sets of Personal Data in an automated or non-automated manner, in particular such as storage, collection, recording, organizing, arranging, adapting or modifying, downloading, viewing, using, disclosing through sending, distributing or otherwise sharing, matching or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying Personal Data;
  • Cookies – IT data saved and stored on Users’ Devices, in particular in the form of small text files;
  • Administrator’s Cookies – Cookies placed by the Administrator, related to the provision of Electronic Services by the Administrator using the Website;
  • External Cookies – Cookies placed by the Administrator’s partners via the Website’s pages;
  • User’s Device – an electronic terminal device through which the User gains access and uses the Website;
  • Consent – a voluntary, specific, informed and unequivocal declaration of the intent of the User to whom the data pertains, in the form of a statement or explicit confirmation action in the scope of consent to the processing of this User’s Personal Data on the Website or outside of it – in accordance with the content of the consent.

Personal Data collected by the Administrator are Processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95 / 46 / EC (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1000) and the ŚUDE Act.

The Administrator Processes only Personal Data that the User has provided in connection with the use of the Website. The Processing of Users’ Personal Data takes place for the following purposes and scopes:

  • to place an Order and conclude a Rental Agreement on the Website and to perform it, as well as to issue a VAT invoice or bill and to perform the Rental Agreement;
    • the scope of Processed Personal Data: name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number and other data provided by Users;
    • based on Article. 6 clause 1 letter b GDPR, i.e. due to the fact that the Processing is necessary to perform the contract to which the data subject is a party;
  • to provide other Electronic Services on the Website, in particular to send a message via the contact form available on the Website;
    • scope of data: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and other data provided in the contact form or other parts of the Website;
    • based on Article. 6 clause 1 letter a GDPR, i.e. on the basis of Consent given by the data subject;
  • to recover amounts due and other claims of the Administrator;
    • scope of data: name, surname, address, delivery address, e-mail, other data necessary to prove the existence of a claim or to defend rights;
    • based on Article. 6 clause 1 letter f GDPR, i.e. due to the fact that the Processing is necessary for purposes arising from legitimate interests pursued by APD or by a third party;
  • fulfilling legal obligations incumbent on APD in connection with conducting business activity;
    • scope of data: all data obtained from the User;
    • based on Article. 6 clause 1 letter c GDPR;
  • to conduct its own marketing and promotional activities;
    • scope of data: name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number;
    • based on Article. 6 clause 1 letter f GDPR and based on a separate Consent pursuant to art. 6 clause 1 letter a GDPR;
  • to send commercial information, including the Newsletter, by electronic means in accordance with art. 10 paragraph 2 of the ŚUDE Act;
    • scope of data: name, surname, address, delivery address, e-mail;
    • on the basis of a separate Consent (art.6 clause 1 letter a RODO);
  • the use of telecommunications terminal equipment and automatic calling systems for direct marketing purposes in accordance with art. 172 of the Act on Telecommunications Law of 16 July 2004 (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1907, as amended);
    • data range: name, surname, phone number, delivery address, e-mail;
    • on the basis of a separate Consent.

The Administrator collects or may collect the following Personal Data via the contact form, order form and other forms available on the Website or direct contact of the User with the Administrator, including by e-mail and e-mail:

  • identification data (including: name, surname, date and place of birth, identification of the Entrepreneur as NIP number);
  • contact details (including: phone number, address, email address);
  • data on the Services performed, Orders placed and Rental Agreements;
  • data related to marketing services;
  • other data provided by the User during contact with the Administrator, including complaints, claims and applications.

In connection with the User’s use of the Website, including filling out the contact form, order form or subscribing to the list of Newsletter subscribers, the User, the User shall receive access to this Privacy Policy and data about the Administrator. Providing Personal Data is voluntary, but necessary to contact the Administrator or provide the Newsletter Service.

Viewing the content of the Website pages does not require providing Personal Data other than automatically obtained information about connection parameters.


The Administrator does not profile Users’ Personal Data.


Personal Data will be Processed for the period of:

  • necessary for the performance of the Agreements and the Rental Agreements concluded through the Website, including after their execution due to the possibility for the parties of the Agreement or the Rental Agreement to exercise their rights under the Agreement or the Rental Agreement, as well as due to possible investigation accounts receivable;
  • until the Consent is withdrawn or an objection to the Data Processing is submitted – in the cases of the User’s Personal Data being Processed on the basis of a separate Consent;
  • The Administrator also stores Users’ Personal Data when it is necessary to fulfill his legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce User’s obligations, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse. The Data Processing period in the above cases is determined individually, however, it cannot exceed 10 years from the moment of achieving the above purposes.
  1. The administrator provides Users with the implementation of the rights referred to in paragraph 2 below. For this purpose, the User should contact the Administrator via electronic mail sent to the address info@enboint.com or using the contact details referred to in point I. of this Policy.
  2. The User has the right to:
    • access to data content – in accordance with art. 15 GDPR,
    • correction / updating of data – in accordance with art. 16 GDPR,
    • deletion of data – in accordance with art. 17 GDPR,
    • restrictions on Data Processing – in accordance with art. 18 GDPR,
    • data transfer – in accordance with art. 20 GDPR,
    • objecting to Data Processing – in accordance with art. 21 GDPR,
    • withdrawal of Consent at any time, whereby withdrawal of Consent does not affect the lawfulness of the Processing that was carried out on the basis of Consent before its withdrawal – in accordance with art. 7 clause 3 GDPR,
    • lodging a complaint to the supervisory body, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection – in accordance with art. 77 GDPR.
  3. APD shall consider submitted requests promptly, but not later than within one month of receiving them. However, if – due to the complicated nature of the request or the number of requests – APD will not be able to consider the User’s request within the specified period, APD will inform the User about the intended extension of the deadline and indicate the deadline for processing the application, however not longer than 2 months.
  4. APD informs each recipient who has been disclosed the Personal Data about the rectification or deletion of Personal Data or the restriction of their Processing, which he made in accordance with the User’s request, unless this proves impossible or will require a disproportionate effort.

In order to implement the Agreement or the Rental Agreement, the Administrator may share the data collected from you, including Personal Data, to entities including: employees, associates, courier companies, payment system operators, entities providing IT services to us. In such cases, the amount of data transferred is limited to the required minimum. In addition, the information you provide may be made available to competent public authorities if required by applicable law or they request such data.

Recipients not indicated above the Processed Personal Data are not disclosed to the outside in a form that would allow any identification of Users, unless the User has given his Consent.


The Administrator makes every effort to secure your data, including Personal Data, and protect it against the actions of third parties, and also supervises the security of data throughout the entire Processing period in a way that ensures protection against unauthorized access by third parties, damage, deformation, destruction or loss of data.


Users’ Personal Data is not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The administrator uses servers to store data located in EEA countries.


Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User’s Device. In particular, it is not possible for viruses, malware or other unwanted software to enter Users’ Devices in this way. These files allow to identify the software used by the User and customize the Website for each User individually. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which they originate, their storage time on the User’s Device and the assigned value.

Types of cookies:

  • session cookies: they are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The saved information is then permanently deleted from the User’s Device’s memory. The Session Cookies mechanism does not allow downloading any Personal Data or any other confidential information from the User’s Device;
  • permanent cookies: they are stored on the User’s Device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending the browser session or turning off the User’s Device does not delete them from the User’s Device. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow downloading any Personal Data or any other confidential information from the User’s Device.

The User has the option of limiting or disabling access of Cookies to his User Device. If you use this option, you will be able to use the Website, except for functions that by their nature require Cookies. It is recommended to use software with cookies enabled.

The administrator uses cookies for the purposes of:

  • Website configuration, including the correct configuration of selected Website functions, enabling in particular verification of the authenticity of the browser session – ensuring security and reliability;
  • recognizing the User’s Device and its location and properly displaying the Website’s pages, tailored to their individual needs;
  • remembering the history of visited Website pages in order to recommend content;
  • optimization and increasing the efficiency of services rendered as well as analyzes and surveys of the Website’s audience.

Deleting cookies

Each type of browser offers the ability to block and delete cookies. Here’s how to change cookie settings:

  • If you use Google Chrome, look here.
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox, look here
  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, look here
  • If you are using Safari, look here
  • If you’re using the Opera browser, look here

If you use a different browser, go to the “Help” section of your browser or contact its manufacturer for information on how to change cookie settings.

  • Change of privacy policy and cookies

The administrator has the right to change this document. The current content of the Privacy Policy is available on the Website.

This document does not limit any rights of the User in accordance with generally applicable law.